Jill Biden, the first lady who wants to make a mark soon

Jill Biden, the first lady who wants to make a mark soon

Aesthetically, Jill Biden's Valentine's decoration was received without much enthusiasm. Compared to the ornate stagings of her predecessor Melania Trump , which brushed the gloom in the memorable Christmas 2018 montage of the “bloody trees” , these heart-shaped posters nailed to the front lawn were less pretentious. of the White House. In pink, red and white, each heart had a beautiful word printed on it, some as little related to Valentine's Day as "strength" or "unity." "To send messages of healing, unity, hope and compassion, that is your Valentine's card to the country," they said in his office.

There was something endearing about that work-like air of the students of an elementary class, especially when the First Lady is also a teacher . And any message of positivity issued since 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue sounds like a blessing after these past four years. But it is also true that it was not the most elegant composition. Perhaps it was not necessary to go into the garden to decorate the White House ditto on Valentine's Day. And, already put, it was a wasted opportunity to question whether the woman of the house has to be in charge of the decoration. Or is Doug Emhoff, Second Gentleman , also expected to decorate Vice President Kamala Harris's residence at the Naval Observatory ?

The message of love reveals, in any case, some clue to the new first lady, who exhibits the same haste than her husband for distancing himself from his predecessors. Jill Biden, 69, wants to make a mark. And he wants to do it fast. She married at 26 to a senator who ran twice in the presidential primaries before winning them in 2020, and was a second lady for eight years. So you've had time to reflect on what is expected of a president's wife. A role that constitutes a curious case in American culture: unpaid and lacking a clear description in the law, each first lady defines it a bit in her own way.

Melania Trump spent the first three months as first lady residing in the tower Trump of New York , at a cost to the taxpayer of at least $ 125,000 a day in security. Even in Washington, he spent as much time as he could out of the spotlight. But Jill Biden is comfortable in the role. His schedule is full, and his team at the White House is well equipped to work on its own priorities. She has seven full-time officials serving her, more than any other first lady. And she knew all of them before, which has allowed her to start soon.

Only in her first full day as first lady, on January 21, Jill Biden met with the nominee by her husband for Minister of Education, Miguel Cardona ; He then hosted the leaders of the two major teacher unions at the White House, followed by an online conversation with 11,000 educators across the country.

Joe and Jill Biden reveal the success of their 43-year marriage

The Second day he exhibited improvisation capacity introducing a change in his agenda. She had planned to go to a clinic for cancer patients, but the night before there was a stir with photos that showed members of the National Guard who protected her husband's investiture sleeping in garages after they had left the Capitol. Jill Biden asked the White House kitchens to make cookies with red, white and blue bows. And after visiting the clinic, he stopped to greet and present the sweets to a group of soldiers. "I just wanted to come in today and thank you for protecting me and my family," he told them. "The Bidens are a National Guard family," he said, referring to Beau Biden, the president's late son, who served in the .

Education, Cancer Research and Military Families Corps . Each first lady is used to choosing a topic to focus on, and Biden is betting on these three. Also, in his second week, he held a round of virtual meetings with the wives of state governors, and with a group of young Latino leaders.

A wide range of interests that the first lady will define, to the extent that her other occupation allows it: Biden has decided to continue with her teaching job . He teaches writing in English at a vocational training center in Virginia. The classes – virtual, due to the pandemic – began on January 11. Until now, no other first lady had held a paid job outside the White House during her husband's tenure.

The main message, however, is that of normality, closeness and rupture with the immediate past. Again on the eve of Valentine's Day, the first lady tweeted a photo in which she is seen buying some typical candy for the holiday. "Shhh … don't tell Joe!" He wrote, finishing the text with two hearts. Her hair was tied back in a casual scrunchie, which was as much a rage on social media as that $ 51,000 Dolce & Gabbana jacket worn by Melania Trump . A first lady who, four years ago, on Valentine's Day, was in New York, well away from her husband who, from the White House, tweeted about everything except love.

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