Jeurys Familia seeks to get his career back on track at Lidom

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  • Jeurys Familia seeks to get his career back on track at Lidom

    File photo of Jeurys Familia. Source: Listín Diario.

The days of embodying the role of a decisive relief arm seem to have passed for Jeurys Familia, remaining in the shadows of the Poor performance in what seems like a long time.

Now, the mission of getting things back on track ranks as the 33-year-old man's priority.

The Gigantes del Cibao announced on Monday the integration into their roster by Familia, who will come back? He was able to represent the letters of the team for the first time since the 2013-14 tournament, experiencing a stage where the fever for an elite Major League closer or a high-carat prospect has subsided.

Family is in the free agency of Major League Baseball, one reason why an outstanding showing from him in the Dominican Professional Baseball League (LIDOM) would serve as the foundation in his search for a new contract.

The Dominican's performance was remarkably low in the finalized 2022 campaign within the Major League sphere, but the expectation in his offseason workouts and what was expected of him. what could result from his figure with the Giants the career of the right-hander.

The good thing about a bad season

After participating throughout 44.1 labor entries in its recent harvest, Familia recorded 44.1 labor entries in its recent harvest. an ERA of 6.09 and a defense independent ERA (FIP) of 4.94, insufficient numbers.

Despite this, the performance of the Yaguate native could have been much better looking at the expected effectiveness (4.87) and the independent expected defense effectiveness (4.29) sections, both sections measured by the quality of his contacts. rivals.

Evidencing the above, the difference between his actual and expected numbers becomes notable, although in both cases holding records below the average, the latter could suggest that not everything has ended for the Dominican in his time in the Big Top.

Off-season workouts

Family underwent training. He attended a pitching program at the popular Driveline Baseball, a center that uses next-generation statistics to design plans for certain players, such as Lucas Giolito or Nolan Arenado.

There he went. was observed The Family made drastic transitions in the use of their secondary weapons (splitter and slider), trying in both cases to increase their movement records and therefore induce their rivals to greater numbers of fanned swings.

This plan was born with the purpose of seeing his time on the MLB fields reborn, so using the Lidom in search of perfecting his new maneuvers, getting a sufficient number of repetitions in real games and obtaining the possibility of getting a contract, is a plan that could lead to positive rewards for Family. 

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