Jesús Santrich is dead: the United States court confirmed the death of the guerrilla but not as was said in Colombia

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While the US prosecutor's office withdrew the charges against the former guerrilla commander, in one of the documents where the support for making the decision is given, he assures that his death occurred a year after what had been announced

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Jesús Santrich is indeed dead: the United States court confirmed the death of the guerrilla but not as was said in Colombia

The United States Government assures that Jesús Santrich died in May 2022. Photo: Juan Barreto – AFP.

The New York Court issued a document withdrawing the charges against < b>Seuxis Pausias Hernández Solarte, better known by the alias of Jesús Santrich, the guerrilla leader of the extinct FARC – EP, who had allegedly been killed in combat in the Zulia state of Venezuela in May 2021, apparently he would have died this year, at least that is what the file reports, which pardons him for 4 crimes.

A few weeks ago, the United States government had asked Colombia for evidence on the death of the subversive, the judge of the southern district of New York, Valeria Caproni, made the request, knowing of the dejection of the subject in question on May 17, 2021.

Unofficially it is known that the only proof they had was a fingerprint, obtained after the same men who worked for Santrichassassinate him and cut off a phalanx, specifically that of his right little finger, and hear that they would be asking for a reward, so to speak, of 10 million dollars, a figure that would be disbursed by the United States Department of Justice.

“The Government writes in response to the Court's order of October 3, 2022, requesting information on the status of the charges against Seuxis Paucis Hernández Solarte (…) the Government respectfully requests that it be allowed to present an update in approximately 30 days (…) “because this letter refers to the internal, non-public deliberation of the Government of the United States, it is respectfully requested that it be presented under seal at this juncture,” details the document presented by the authorities of that country.


However, a deadline was set until November 10 to prove the reason, in addition to that after that date, the information could be made public, and although it is unknown how they verified the death, in the North American ruling, it is stated in great detail that his death It was given in May 2022, that is, a year after what had been announced.

The annex leaked by the journalist Joshua Goodman, from the Associated Press, details that Jesús Santrich had 4 charges dropped: conspiracy for drug terrorism, conspiracy to import cocaine, possession of weapons and explosive devices, in addition to conspiring to use them:

“In or around May 2022, before his apprehension, while this case was still pending, SEUXIS PAUCIS HERNANDEZ SOLARTE, alias “Jesús Santrich”, the defendant, died”, exposes the document that you can see in full below.

Jesús Santrich is indeed dead: the United States court confirmed the death of the guerrilla but not as was said in Colombia

The United States states that Jesús Santrich died in May 2022. Taken from Joshua Goodman.

As far as is known, US justice required it, because he was allegedly part of a criminal group called “La Familia”, a drug trafficking organization, whose objective was to send drugs to this nation. Additionally, they would have had links with the Mexican cartels, which were in charge of logistics, establishing links and other tasks, which continued to be carried out once the peace agreements were signed; and that apparently was the reason why the then attorney general, Néstor Humberto Martínez, had ordered his recapture in 2019, being one of the most renowned events, and which triggered the subsequent escape of the guerrilla, along with what was later configured as the creation of the Second Marquetalia.

“Because the defendant died while this case was pending and therefore, before a final judgment was issued, the government respectfully requested that an order be issued to dismiss the legal process as to the defendant with respect to the indictment,” the leaked document adds.