Jesta Hillmann transformed: she shares her puffy face

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Jesta Hillmann makeover: she shares her puffy face

For many years, Jesta Hillmann has been sharing her daily life with her subscribers. The one who became known in Koh-Lanta is very followed on social networks and never misses an opportunity to inform her subscribers about the vagaries of her life. This time,the former reality TV contestanthad a dental problem. His wisdom teeth hurt him. Benoît's wife decided to have them removed. On her Instagram account, she appeared with a very puffy face after her operation.

In an Instagram story, Jesta revealed why she decided to have her wisdom teeth removed now. “Already, I don’t have too much room in my mouth. My teeth overlap. Compared to orthodontics, they had to be taken off me,” she revealed. And to continue: “But what made me pass the course, it is something else.This summer, I saw my dentist who informed me that my upper wisdom tooth had a problem, there was a hole. It had to be removed. He then advised me to remove all four to avoid an imbalance. »

The secrets of Jesta Hillmann

The young woman decided to undergo the operation under local and not general anesthesia and explained her choice. A few months ago, the young woman had already undergone an operation to remove her tonsils. She had been hospitalized and placed under general anesthesia. An operation not so benign as that, as revealed: “You have to be very careful becauseit’s an operation that is said to be hemorrhagic, that is to say that there is a way to make a hemorrhage with the healing, that’s why you have to be very careful with hot food, pieces…“ , she admitted.