Jeremy Peña affirms the key to success was keeping a “dry head”

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  • Jeremy Peña says the key to success was keeping a

    Jeremy Peña thoroughly enjoys the conquest of the Astros world title this Saturday against the Phillies

The key to the é Jeremy Peña's success was keeping his “head dry”. And he crowned a debut campaign like no other.

Peña He became the first rookie to win the World Series MVP award as a position player after batting .400 in the Houston Astros' six-game victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

“The hardest thing was blocking everything that wasn't part of the game,” he said. “There is a saying that you cant sink a ship with standing water. around. If it sinks it is because the water enters. so that you just have to stay strong and keep the water out of my head.”

Peña also won. the Gold Glove and the MVP of the American League Championship Series. He is the first batsman to win all three awards in one career & mdash; and all in his rookie season, according to OptaSTATS.

“This is what we all dream of,” said the 25-year-old Dominican shortstop.

Peña's single connected a single that sent He showered Zach Wheeler in Game 6, and the Astros put two running backs in circulation for the first time in the game Saturday night. Immediately afterwards, Yordan Álvarez shook his head. a three-run home run that led to Houston to a 4-1 win.

Peña is the fifth Dominican MVP in a World Series. The others were: Pedro Guerrero (Dodgers), José; Rijo (Cincinnati), Manny Ramírez and David Ortiz (Boston).

The freshman closed the postseason with a .345 average, four home runs, eight RBIs and a 1.005 OPS. He is also the first rookie shortstop to win a Gold Glove, as well as the first to hit a home run in the World Series.

He was 24 years old when he was designated as the Astros' starting shortstop after Carlos Correa left. He became a free agent over the winter break.

Peña became a free agent. He became the third rookie at any position to win a Fall Classic MVP, emulating a couple of right-handed pitchers: Larry Sherry with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1959 and Cuban Liván Herná. ;ndez with the Florida Marlins in 1997.

“These comrades who are here? They kept my feet on the ground. it was worked every day. Individual awards are great, but the trophy is what we want,” he said, pointing to the commissioner's award given to World Series champions. “Point the camera at that thing thats there.”

He also became He is just the ninth player to win both the league championship series and World Series MVPs after batting .353 with two home runs and four RBIs against the Yankees. The other player who achieved It was pitcher Orel Hershiser who won the most valuable trophies in both series and a Gold Glove in one career. all with the Dodgers in 1988.

Peña hit; He hit .291 with 22 homers and 64 RBIs during the regular season and is likely well up in Rookie of the Year voting. Seattle outfielder Julio Rodriguez is the favorite.

Others who made the MVP double of the last two playoff series in the same year were Willie Stargell ( 1979) with Pittsburgh; Darrell Porter (1982), with St. Louis; Hersheser; Hernández (2003) with Florida; Cole Hamels (2008) with Philadelphia; David Freese (2011) with Saint Louis; Madison Bumgarner (2014) with San Francisco and Corey Seager (2020) with the Dodgers.

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