JEP extends precautionary measures in 27 cemeteries in Quindío and Risaralda

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According to the Ministry of the Interior, there are at least 553 bodies of missing persons there

JEP extends precautionary measures in 27 cemeteries in Quindío and Risaralda

Eleven organizations of victims and territorial organizations of searchers for disappeared persons participated in the procedure.

The Section of First Instance for Cases of Absence of Recognition of the Truth of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP ) On November 16 and 17, in Marseille, Risaralda, a follow-up hearing was held on the precautionary measures on 27 cemeteries in Quindío and Risaralda where the existence of bodies of persons disappeared in the armed conflict is presumed.

During the actions carried out, the JEP made the decision to extend the precautionary measures for six months on the 27 cemeteries located in the departments of the Coffee Region.

The measure adopted was taken after analyzing the reports presented by the national entities, receiving the requests of the victims and concluding that the due response to the victims of forced disappearance has not yet been achieved and the centrality of the victims has not been met.

The municipality of Marseille, where the hearing was held, has one of the largest records of receiving unidentified bodies in the Axis coffee grower According to the Ministry of the Interior , there were at least 553 bodies of disappeared persons there, of which 406 were in that place as of 2015.

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According to the JEP, a large percentage of these bodies could correspond to victims of the Massacre of Trujillo, which occurred in the municipalities of Trujillo, Riofrío and Bolívar, Valle del Cauca, between 1986 and 1994. During the events that occurred over the years, the victims were thrown into the Cauca River.

< p class="paragraph">During the hearing that was held on Thursday, November 17, Judge Reinere JaramilloHe stressed that hearing the requests of the victims “is manifested in the persistence of institutional gaps, deficiencies in information, incomplete actions of those obliged to give an effective response to the victims and relatives of searchers and searchers of missing persons”, she said.

In this sense, the magistrate said that although it is recorded that the entities have carried out some actions, these are insufficient in the face of the demands for justice and guarantees of non-repetition.

In Quindío, the JEP ordered precautionary measures in the cemeteries of the municipalities of Salento, Quimbaya, Pijao, Montenegro, La Tebaida, Genoa, Filandia, Circassia, Calarcá, Buenavista and Armenia.

While in Risaralda, the cemeteries that have precautionary measures ordered by the JEP are those of Santuario, Santa Rosa de Cabal, Quinchía, Pueblo Rico, Apía, Balboa, Belén de Umbría, Guática, La Celia, La Virginia, Marseille, Mistrató and Pereira.

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It should be noted that the precautionary measures were ordered by the JEP in response to a request from the National Movement of Victims of State Crimes (MOVICE) to protect the places where the existence of unidentified bodies and unclaimed identified bodies of victims of forced disappearance is presumed, to which the Orlando Fals Borda Collective joined.

The JEP also concluded that the body care has not been adequate nor does it comply with current regulations and the obligations ones in charge of territorial, local, departmental and national entities. Eleven organizations of victims and territorial organizations of missing persons searchers participated in the procedure.