Jefferson Farfán: why returning in the classic would be his way of saving the season

Jefferson Farfán: why returning in the classic would be his way of saving the season

Seventeen days before the traditional duel against Universitario for the Clausura date 10, the 'Foquita' still does not train with his teammates and spends his days in physiotherapy. In her social networks, she assures that giving up is not an option and asks her critics for silence.

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Jefferson Farfán: why returning in the classic would be his way to save the season

Jefferson Farfán has not played a single game in all of 2022. This celebration belongs to the previous season. Photo: Liga 1.

The return of Jefferson Farfán< b> is a matter of faith. He hasn't played a game for nine months, he doesn't train with his teammates and he spends his days in physiotherapy. It is not an exaggeration to say that he spends more time with the physical therapist than with Carlos Bustos .

Every time an Alianza Lima player is asked about Farfán, there are no certainties, only wishes. Hernán Barcos , the Argentine who held it on his shoulders to celebrate last year's title, was one of the last: “I hope I can be there as soon as possible. I don't know if for the classic, after or before. I couldn't say that.”

The 'Pirate' is honest: nobody can guarantee when he will return to the courts. Neither the Victorian medical department, which prefers to remain silent, nor Farfán himself, who motivates himself with self-help messages on a daily basis, as stated in his Instagram stories.

Jefferson Farfán: why returning in the classic would be ;to his way of saving the season

Hernán Barcos charges Jefferson Farfán. A very distant image. (Photo: GEC)

In recent days there has been a very strong current that Farfán could reappear in the Peruvian soccer classic against University of Sports on September 4 for the date 10 of the Closing Tournament. It would be cinematographic: one of the last idols of the blue and white town, decimated by chronic injuries and the tyranny of the years, planted before the rival of always, in Matute.

There are seventeen days to go before that triumphant return. What could change in these two and a half weeks so that the 'Foquita' can make himself available to Bustos and be able to alternate a few minutes? For now, Farfánhe attends the Lima de Chorrillos Cultural Club, where the Blue and Whites carry out their practices. But, as has been the case since all of 2022, he is only doing it to strengthen his left knee, afflicted by weak cartilage.

“I know that Jefferson Farfán is doing better. But he still does not train with us, he is doing therapy and strengthening ”, declared yesterday Yordi Vílchez , the team's best defender since 2021. Vílchez possesses an optimism that the average intimate fan has lost. The last time Farfán dressed in shorts and touched a ball in an official match was on November 28, 2021, in the final against Sporting Cristal.

In these two seasons, since he returned to La Victoria, Paolo Guerrero's comrade has only played fourteen games and has scored only four goals. All important. But for now the highlights of Farfánin his second stage in the club of his loves fit in a video of a couple of minutes.

At the beginning of the month, Javier Sáenz, reporter of the GOL PERU network, gave his impressions on the state of Jefferson Farfán. More than relieved, he worried him. Rather than question, he confirmed it. “The pain doesn't let him work quietly,” he commented crudely.

But Farfán doesn't give up hope on himself. “Give up? Silence please ”, he wrote on his social networks. And immediately, he provoked the sincere support of his friends. “It was never and will never be your option”, he called Rinaldo Cruzado, category 84 like him. Uruguayan Jonathan Lacerda, part of the 2021 champion team, also wished him the best: “Always forward”. The Argentine Nicolás Tagliani, who was a duo when Farfán took off, back in 2003, was more emotional: “You look like a friend, you are the '1′ and you will always be the '1′”.< /p>

The situation has reached its limit: there is a large sector of the fans who are claiming you for getting paid without playing. With the small detail of being the best paid on campus. Putting on the blue and white again before the 'U' would lessen the criticism. It would lower the volume of claims. It would give it another air. In a sense, it could save the year. As long as they win, of course.

Some theorists of this sport often say that the footballer is the best doctor of himself, because he knows for sure how he is and how much he can give. Is Jefferson Farfán his most qualified doctor? Heading into the ninth month of the year, there are only wishes and desires.