Jeep Vangler: too good to be true?

Jeep Vangler: too good to be true?

I saw on the web photos of a minivan built by Jeep. Is it really a vehicle that we could see on our roads?


Hello Justin,

The vehicle you are referring to is the “Vangler,” a purely fictitious concept that has gone viral in recent days. Armed with a good dose of imagination, designer Samir Sadikhov published on his Instagram page some illustrations of what a Jeep-built van might look like.

The result is quite amazing! We immediately notice the features borrowed from the iconic Wrangler. Looks like a van ready for a zombie attack!

After re-entering the world of pickup trucks with the Gladiator and the world of seven-passenger SUVs with the new Grand Cherokee L, could Jeep really tackle the van niche?

Don’t count on it too much! These illustrations are not from the Jeep team and there is no indication that the manufacturer wants to venture into the vans niche. After all, Jeep’s sister brand Chrysler already offers two minivans: the Grand Caravan and the Pacifica.
The Vangler, as cool as it is, will therefore remain visibly a fictitious product that cannot be admired elsewhere than on the web. Sorry to shatter your dreams!

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