Javi Martínez breaks the commendable resistance of Sevilla and makes Bayern champion

The Navarrese midfielder scores in extra time the goal that the European Super Cup in favor of the Germans

Sevilla honored the chorus of the anthem of its centenary, which was until death, denied for much longer than is human with a superlative delivery that was not enough against this overwhelming Bayern that does not take prisoners. Until extra time, Julen Lopetegui's team dragged this magnificent European champion, outstanding even to manage the frustration in which Sevilla immersed him and to overcome it with the last goal of Javi Martínez. His is with justice the European Super Cup and Sevilla player is proud of having competed until the same death occurred to end his agony. [2-1: Narration and statistics]

It all happened in Budapest in front of some 15,000 spectators , in the first European competition match with an audience in more than six months. It was a pilot test for UEFA, which will now have to assess whether the measure can be extended to other matches. If one of the parameters of the analysis is the use of masks, the experiment cannot be considered a success.

Unaware of what happened in the stands, Sevilla appeared assuming, what remedy, that the superior quality of Bayern could decide the final, but also convinced that the title could not be escaped due to lack of effort, since it is the feature that allows the poor compete with the rich. In football and everything else. So Lopetegui's proposal was one that is measured in revolutions per minute. When Bayern tried to put together the plays, the Sevilla players seemed to multiply to block all possible pass options with their presence .

The recipe, in short, was to run. To one side and to the other. The attacks, the shorter the better. In a handful of seconds, an opening of dozens of meters by Fernando, a dribble and a cross by Navas, a drop by De Jong and a shot by Rakitic. Bayern only managed to stop that train in the last station and did so in the form of a penalty from Alaba on Rakitic . And so, Ocampos managed to put Sevilla ahead when they had barely 12 minutes into the game, with the Germans already disheveled by the effusiveness of their rival.

En-Nesyri's hand in hand

Not everything was going to be that simple, of course, because Bayern did not reach the Lisbon title a month ago dribbling beads of sweat, but rather the opposite. Vertigo In response to vertigo, Flick's team reacted by finding a balance between giving the ball speed and precision. There was a moment when Sevilla seemed buried in shrapnel, without knowing where the enemy fire was coming from. And although he saved no less than three frank chances, thanks in part to Lewandowski's inexperience, Bayern ended up drawing after half an hour, with Goretzka shooting Bono point-blank after an exceptional drop-off from the Pole.

Sevilla came to the break with a tie on the scoreboard – which was no small thing against an opponent that six days earlier had punished Schalke with eight goals – and the game wide open. The same Neuer saved an own-goal attempt by Süle that the VAR annulled a Lewandowski goal for offside. But as the end approached, Bayern was imposing its electricity against a Seville whose gasoline tank reached the reserve much earlier than advisable in a meeting of this caliber.

Lopetegui's team survived because Diego Carlos and Koundé are more insurmountable than a customs office and because the footballing and mental talent of Jesús Navas offered him from time to time ways to escape from his overwhelming reality. But Bayern neither got tired nor despaired, as if instead of footballers they had automata on their payroll. Even Neuer was able to overcome long minutes of inactivity by saving a heads-up with En-Nesyri just before the end of the 90s and deflecting a new guy from the Moroccan to the stick just after the restart.

Bayern was losing gas, how not to do it, but ended up finding glory in a corner in which Javi Martínez . The Navarrese, in what may be his last serve for Bayern, unraveled the knot and pretending to be the grim reaper put an end to the commendable resistance of Sevilla.

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