Jason David Frank, the green “Power Ranger”, has died

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The 49-year-old American actor took his own life at his Texas home, his rep confirmed

Jason David Frank, the green “Power Ranger,” died

Jason David Frank, the green “Power Ranger”, has died

American actor Jason David Frank, known as one of the original “Power Rangers”, died this Saturday in Texas, according to revealed the specialized portal TMZ. The artist's representative stated that he was depressed and that he took his own life.

The 49-year-old actor died in Texas, his manager Brian Butler-Au confirmed.

“Very saddened to hear of the passing of my friend and client Jason David Frank. Jason was a martial artist best known for playing Tommy on 'Power Rangers'. I had the pleasure of managing him for the fights he competed in. If someone you know is depressed, please contact them,” Brian Butler-Au said in a social media statement.

Please respect the privacy of your family and friends during this horrible time as we come to terms with the loss of such a wonderful human being. He loved his family, friends and fans very much. He will really be missed, ”he said

Mike Bronzouilis, who was his coach, spoke in a similar way. In his message, he indicated that the actor contacted him hours before they found his body and that he did not arrive in time to contact him.  Rest in peace , my brother. I'm still in shock. He called me, left me a message, and I took too long.Jason was a good friend to me and I will miss him. Love and prayers to his wife, Tammie, and her children.”

Jason David Frank, the “Green Power Ranger,” has died

Actor Jason David Frank (Photo by Barry King/Alamy Stock Photo)

On the actors' side of the original series, at first it was pronounced Walter E. Jones, who gave life to the black “Power Ranger”, Zack Taylor: “I can not believe it. Rest in peace, Jason David Frank. My heart is sad to have lost another member of our special family,” he said, referring to the death of Vietnamese actress Thuy Trang, who gave life to Trini and who died in 2001 for a traffic accident.

He married Shawna Frank in 1994, with whom he had three children: Jacob, Hunter and Skye. The two divorced in 2001. Two years later, in 2003, the actor married again, this time to martial instructor Tammie Frank, with whom he had a daughter, Jenna.

Frank He was an MMA fighter and was an expert in Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, among other martial arts. He fought professionally in the ring from 2008 to 2010.

Last August it was learned that his wife, Tammie Frank, filed for divorce, according to the TMZ portal. .

The actor rose to fame as Tommy Oliver in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, which was the first production in this famous superhero franchise that debuted in 199, when he was introduced as one of six head-to-toe masked superheroes with abilities of kung-fu.

The interpreter began as a green “Power Ranger” in the first season, initially presented as an enemy of the Power Rangers. However, after his powers begin to deteriorate, he becomes the white “Power Ranger” and becomes the new leader of the group. Frank played one of the leads for three seasons, with a total of 123 episodes. The actor reprized his role as Tommy in several “Power Rangers” adaptations, including “Wild Force,” “Turbo,” “Zeo,” “Dino Thunder,” “Megaforce,” “Ninja Steel,” “HyperForce,” and plus.

Assassination attempt

Jason David Frank died, the “Green Power Ranger” /></p><p>Jason David Frank</p><p class=In 2017 Mathew Sterling attempted to kill Jason David Frank and policemen who attended a comic-con in the city of Phoenix (Arizona). The man entered the event with a shotgun, three pistols, a combat knife, pepper spray and throwing stars. It became known that he would attempt to commit a crime due to the posts he posted on social media, which alerted the authorities.

Three years later, Sterling was sentenced to 25 years in prison, which he will serve in an institution for the mentally ill. After the sentence, the actor declared that he did not hold any resentment against the man. “I think the sentence was fair. I really hope he gets the help he needs ”, he stated.

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