Jared Leto stars with a model in Russia

Jared Leto stars with a model in Russia

Jared Leto zooms in on a Russian model

on romantic walks from the 25th river Dar’yu Korchina

Actor and musician Jared Leto spent days at a party with a taєmnichoy neznayomkoy. Ale, tabloid journalists said that his companion is the Russian model Dar’ya Korchina. Write about the Daily Mail.

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Vaughn is 25 years younger for her 50-year-old cavalier, but, it seems, a couple did not benefit. The stinks strolled the streets of Portofino, went snorkeling along the coast of Sanfruttuoso di Camogli, and spent the evening in a restaurant with Jared's friends.

Jared Leto ta Dar’ya Korchina

ZMI Dar’is called the “visionary star” fashion, zokrema, in the fashion show of Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. I won for Vogue.

Jared Leto is shaping a Russian model

Jared Leto aligns with model from Russia

Dar’ya Korchina

Photo: Instagram dariakorchina

Jared Leto zustrіchaetsya z model z Russia

Jared Leto zooms in on a model from Russia

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