Japanese man earns $300,000 “doing nothing”

Japanese man earns $300,000 “doing nothing”

He has an original approach to work.

Japanese earned 300 thousand dollars ,

A resident of the Japanese capital Tokyo Shoji Moremoto earned more than 288 thousand dollars for several years for the services of “doing nothing”, and also wrote a book about it, reports Details.

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It is known that Moremoto received a degree in physics and worked in his specialty until 2018, after which he quit.

Offering myself for rent as a person who does nothing. Is it difficult for you to go to the store on your own? Missing a player on your team? Do you need someone to take a seat for you? I can't do anything but basic things.

It is noted that at the beginning the man was initially engaged in free provision of services, but after a short time there were so many applicants that he began to take 10 for it thousand won from the person who wishes, which is equivalent to 96 dollars. For several years he “worked” with three thousand clients. His main duties were to accompany him to dinners and divorce proceedings, take photos for Instagram and catch butterflies in the park. At the same time, during the activities of Moremoto, there were requests to take him to the place of suicide and a story about the murder.