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Japan may join the defense alliance of the US, Australia and Britain

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr8,2024

Japan may join the defense alliance of the US, Australia and Britain

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The United States, Australia and Great Britain plan to begin negotiations to attract new members to the trilateral defense alliance AUKUS, the Financial Times reported. According to these data, Washington insists on Japan's participation in the alliance as a deterrent against China.

The defense ministers of the three countries will announce on Monday, April 8, the start of discussions on the “second pillar” of the war. pact, which, in particular, involves cooperation in research in the quantum field, in the development of underwater military and hypersonic technologies, cyber technologies and artificial intelligence, the publication reported, citing informed sources.

According to the FT, the expansion &quot The “first component” regarding Australia's supply of nuclear submarines has not yet been considered.

AUKUS, created by the three countries in 2021, is part of efforts to counter China's expansion in the Indo-Pacific region.

President Joe Biden is seeking to strengthen partnerships with allies in Asia, including Japan and the Philippines. A senior administration official told Reuters that official announcements about Japan's participation in the alliance could be expected next week.

US Ambassador to Tokyo Rahm Emanuel wrote in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that Japan “is set to become the first additional 'pillar two' partner.”

On Wednesday, April 10, during the Prime Minister's visit Japanese Minister Fumio Kishida to Washington, President Biden will likely discuss the AUKUS expansion with him.

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles said alliance members would seek opportunities to involve partners in the second component of the AUKUS project, and any participation by more countries would be decided and announced by all three partners. However, one source said Australia was wary of starting new projects until progress was made on delivering nuclear submarines to Canberra.

The UK MoD said it would also like to get more involved in the effort. allies.

Previously, the United States has already stated that other countries in Europe and Asia should join the second component of AUKUS.

Under Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, who oversees policy in the Indo-Pacific region, said earlier , that the United States has called on Japan to do more to protect intellectual property and hold officials accountable for disclosing state secrets.

"It is fair to say that Japan has taken some steps in this direction, but not all have been done." ;– Campbell stated.

He also stated that the development of the AUKUS submarine program will help deter any Chinese actions against Taiwan.

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