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Japan intends to adopt laser systems to counter UAVs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

Japan intends to adopt laser systems to counter UAVs

Laser systems will be placed on vehicles of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces, in particular, on highly mobile vehicles.

Ministry Japan's Defense Ministry has announced plans to test laser systems to counter unmanned aerial vehicles. To test their capabilities, the systems will be installed on vehicles of the Ground Self-Defense Forces, including high-mobility vehicles. This was reported by The Japan Times columnists on June 16.

In March, the Ministry of Defense signed a contract with Kawasaki Heavy Industries worth about 1.5 billion yen (over 9.5 million dollars) for the purchase of lasers intended for for installation on GSDF high-mobility vehicles. A contract worth 1.9 billion yen was also signed with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the supply of lasers for trucks. And in February, the ministry concluded an agreement with Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions to purchase a radar system to detect drones.

It is noted that the ministry's plan is based on three key government documents related to national security. They include a strategy for building defense capabilities for the period from fiscal years 2023 to 2027, which emphasizes strengthening the country's capabilities in the fight against UAVs. “, — stated in the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

By the end of March 2026, the ministry plans to produce a prototype laser system for installation on vehicles. The GSDF will then conduct tests to verify the system's ability to track and destroy drones, as well as study operational procedures.

Natasha Kumar

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