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Japan and NATO will create special channels for the transmission of secret information, mass media

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

Japan and NATO will create special channels for the transfer of secret information, - mass media

Japan and NATO will create a special communication line for the exchange of secret information. Its purpose is to strengthen cooperation in the field of security.

RBK-Ukraine reports this with reference to Asahi.

The publication notes that they plan to reach an agreement on this during the participation of the prime minister of Japanese Minister Fumio Kishida at the summit of the North Atlantic Alliance in Washington.

A secure communication network has been created between NATO member countries, which is used to exchange secret information. The aim is to create a similar system between Japan and NATO and exchange information at a high level.

Last year, Japan and NATO developed an agreement to cooperate in 16 fields, including cyber security, space operations, information sharing . A permanent representation of Japan operates at the headquarters of the alliance in Brussels.

NATO Summit

Washington will be the center of attention from July 9 to 11, when NATO's jubilee summit will be held there. It will be a key platform for discussing security issues in Europe and determining the role of the Alliance in the modern world.

Ukraine's signing of a new security agreement will be in the center of attention. As the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has already stated, this document will be another step on the way to strengthening the country's security.

Ukrainians have already appreciated the benefits of security agreements signed with various countries of the world.

Natasha Kumar

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