James Rodríguez is in mourning: his stepfather, Juan Carlos Restrepo, passed away

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This is once again a painful year-end for the soccer player and his family, after the death of Rosa Miriam Gómez, his maternal grandmother, in November 2021 . Both loved ones accompanied him in his formative beginnings in Ibagué

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 James Rodríguez is in mourning: his stepfather, Juan Carlos Restrepo, passed away

Juan Carlos Restrepo, stepfather and trainer of James Rodríguez. In the photo- James, Juan Carlos and Juanita, James's sister. (Colprensa-Taken from Facebook)

The Colombian and Olympiacos midfielder James Rodríguez is in mourning after the confirmation of the death of his stepfather, promoter and sports mentor, Juan Carlos Restrepo.

second division of Dimayor with Envigado FC.

James found the support of his mother's partner at the time, Pilar Rubio. Restrepo was the father of Juana Valentina, stepsister of the soccer player from Cucuta and saw in the talented '10' from Olympiacos an opportunity to boost the talent inherited by his biological father, Wilson Rodríguez.

Restrepo He took James to training sessions at the best schools, thus marking the path for the player's professional performance since he entered the Tolimense Academy, with whose team he won the Pony Soccer Tournament > in Medellin.

Both James and his half-sister, Juana Valentina, took care of the medical costs to take care of Juan Carlos Restrepo's health and up to now the player remains firm within the squad of Néstor Gabriel Lorenzo to face to the Paraguayan team with Colombia next Saturday, November 19 at 8:00 p.m. m. at the DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale (United States).

Unfortunately for James, this is yet another painful year-end, considering that Rosa Miriam Gómez passed away in November 2021, maternal grandmother of the national team soccer player, who also accompanied him in his early days, taking him to training sessions with coach Jorge Luis Bernal at the Cooperamos Tolima soccer school. The duels of Rodríguez Rubio intersected with his call-up to the tricolor team.

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At the moment it is unknown if the midfielder and figure of the Greek super league will leave the concentration of the Colombian team in the United States to travel to accompany his family.

Óscar Iván Castaño< /b>, a relative of Juan Carlos Restrepo, spoke into the microphones of the Blu Radio station on the Blog Deportivo program to confirm that James and Juana were in charge of their loved one's health, but that it was medically impossible to keep him alive in a medical center in Ibagué:

Eight days ago James had spoken with Valentina, Juan Carlos's daughter and James's sister and they had taken care of all the medical expenses that will be needed for Juan Carlos's health, but the day today he lost the battle in Ibagué

In addition to being a fundamental part of the life of James Rodríguez, Restrepo had his business vision on acquiring the club Real Sincelejo


James's stepfather's team had apparently been sold illegally in 2004 by the then-ex-president of the club, Édgar Rafael Paternina.

The alleged buyers of Real Sincelejo were businessmen from Pereira, who renamed it 'Deportivo Pereira S.A.' and later, as 'Club Deportivo Depor Fútbol Club S.A.', based in Cali, that today plays in the second division under the name Atlético FC Cali.

After they managed to prove the fraudulent sale of the team to Édgar Paternina before the courts , he himself was sentenced for the crime of fraud by the Superior Court of Sincelejo, which also ordered the knocking down of all legal acts generated two for this sale in 2015, given the fraud in question.