Jamala and Pianoboy released a joint track “Endorphins”: fans are delighted

Jamala and Pianoboy released a joint track “Endorphins”: fans are delighted

Jamala wrote this song three years ago

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Jamala and Pianoboy released a joint track

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Singer Jamala and Dmitry Shurov, leader of the Pianoboy group, presented a joint song called “Endorphins”.

On her Instagram page, Jamala admitted that she wrote the song three years ago, but did not dare to release it. Later, she sent a demo version to Dmitry Shurov, but he did not answer the singer for a long time.

“It seemed to me that this song has the paint of Pianoboy, the lightness inherent in Dima's music. And for a long time there was no answer … I thought that he probably didn't like it and nothing would work out. And then quarantine came and Dima answered!” I wrote my part and is ready to break into our duet. That's how our collaboration with Pianoboy was born, “Jamala said.

According to the singer, the summer and its transience inspired her to write the song.

“Everyone misses the summer! Absolutely everyone! And if you try to keep the warmth of summer in yourself? And live with this note until the next one? This is such an absolutely light and naive song about endorphins!” – wrote the singer.

Jamala's fans were delighted with the new track and the singer's collaboration: “Jah! The best! My pride! Ours! You know what you're singing about. The song is a prayer! I want to sing” Amen “,” So sincere and with meaning. Not an empty song, as they usually write today. Pleased my ear and gave me a smile, “Jah, as always, on top.”

Jamala and Pianoboy released a joint track

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