Jaguar will no longer offer its XE after 2020

Jaguar will no longer offer its XE after 2020

The Jaguar XE will only have passed into the range of the English manufacturer.

Jaguar’s return to the compact sedan segment was short lived. Following the announcement of the XE’s discontinuation from the U.S. market, Jaguar Land Rover Canada confirmed to us that the sedan will be phased out of the Canadian market after the 2020 model year.

This decision will not surprise anyone, however. Launched in 2016 (model year 2017), the XE sold only 157 copies in the country last year, according to figures compiled by the website Its range has also been narrowed to just two liveries powered by the same engine, a 2.0L four-cylinder (247 hp). Note also that its rather tenuous format and the virtual absence of visibility in Jaguar’s advertising campaigns did not work in its favor.

“The new entry-level model for Jaguar will now be the E-Pace,” said John Lindo, director of marketing and public relations for Jaguar Land Rover Canada. The fact that a subcompact SUV now obtains this status from Jaguar obviously reflects a lasting paradigm shift in favor of SUVs among manufacturers, whatever their status.

Mr. Lindo also told us that to make up for its demise, the mid-size Jaguar XF sedan, which will receive a number of improvements for 2021, will see its starting price revised downwards.

This is the second time that Jaguar has broken its teeth as it tries to enter this highly competitive segment. The X-Type, marketed from 2002 to 2008 in Canada, was only an inglorious parenthesis in Jaguar’s history because of its technical promiscuity with Ford products.

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