Iván Villazón fulfilled the dream of playing by his side for an accordion player

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At the end of the performance, 'La voz tenor del vallenato' hugged the little prodigy and expressed his admiration for the talent shown with the instrument

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Ivñ Villazñññññ last Sunday during one of his presentations<p class=Iván VillazónHe is one of the great voices in the history of Colombian vallenato. His name is associated with hits such as 'Remember Me', 'El Perdón', 'El Niño Bonito' or 'La Suegra' and with a regular at the Vallenata Legend Festival, where he has written many one of the most memorable pages not only of his career, but of the entire history of Vallenato music.

With almost four decades of career, the singer born in Valledupar has had the support of great accordion players throughout his career such as Raúl Chiche Martínez, Gonzalo Cocha Molina, Franco Argüelles or Saúl Lallemand,that have allowed him to evolve and mature his sound over the years. Playing with him is one of the greatest honors that any accordion player in Colombia can have.

That is why last Sunday he gave the opportunity to a 12-year-old boy of age, Jesús Gregorio Ibarra, to fulfill his dream of accompanying him on the accordion in one of his presentations. The event took place in the municipality of Baranoa, Atlántico, when Villazón surprised the audience by taking Jesús Gregorio on stage to accompany him in the song 'Decídete'.

While the boy played the song with his accordion and showed all his talent before his idol and the audience present, the singer did not hesitate to applaud him when he saw him performing the instrumental part of the song. In the end, Jesús won a round of applause from the audience and a heartfelt hug from Villazón, visibly moved by the boy's great presentation.

The prodigy

According to what was reported by the weekly La Calle, Jesús Gregorio was born in the village of Carreto, municipality of Candelaria, in the department of Atlántico.

The source pointed out that he took classes at the 'Help me to be an artist' cultural center with its founder, Guillermo Lara Arrieta, his first teacher and recognized for his participation during the eighties in El Sexteto Vallenato. Currently he continues to study the instrument with Oscar López and Rodolfo de Lavalle, the latter named king of the accordion three times at the Vallenato Legend Festival.

Jesús Gregorio's father, Ronald Ibarra, expressed his gratitude to Iván Villazón and his group for the opportunity they gave his son to demonstrate his skills before an audience as demanding as that of vallenato.

Iván Villazón expressed: “You have to support children who want to be musicians and Jesús Gregorio will be a great vallenato accordion player”.

It is not the first time that this prodigy of accordion appears in the media, and it is not the first time that he has fulfilled his dream of playing with a vallenato leader. Already in 2017 and at just six years old, he had the opportunity to play with Silvestre Dangond. In the chronicle collected by El Heraldo, it is known that Ronald's parents had the help of a policeman who gave them permission to enter Silvestre's dressing room, since he had already seen him play before with Iván Zuleta. There he performed the song “Deny Me Three Times” and surprised everyone present for not being intimidated on such a massive stage being so small, something that Silvestre himself expressed to the child when he finished his participation.