Iván Duque celebrated the conviction of alias 19, a member of the front line

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Through his Twitter account, the former president was satisfied with the sentence handed down against Sergio Andrés Pastor González for more than 14 years

Iván Duque celebrated the conviction of alias 19, a member of the front line

When he was still President of the Republic, Iván Duque had cataloged the group called the front line as an 'amorphous movement'.

Before finishing his term as President of the Republic (2018 – 2022), Iván Duque stated what he would do when he left the Casa de Nariño: “I want to recover time with my family. I am thinking of creating a foundation for the training of leaders in deep Colombia”, said Duque.

However, the former president is characterized by converting his Twitter account in a space to comment on the situation in the country. Specifically, this Friday he celebrated, on the social network, the sentence imposed by a judge of the Republic on Sergio Andrés Pastor González, alias 19 , and three other members of the front line to more than 14 years in prison.

“The conviction of vandals and terrorists who tried to hide under “social protest” when in reality committed barbaric acts, it is a triumph of democratic institutions. We always said it and today the facts corroborate it”, trilled the former president who finished his term, according to Cifras yconcepts, with an unfavorable image of 61%.

It should be noted that the prosecuted members of the first line they were found guilty of the crimes of torture and conspiracy to commit a crime, for being involved in acts of vandalism and aggression against the public force in the framework of the demonstrations that took place last year in Bogotá.

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In addition to the sentence, these people shallpay a fine of 1,549 legal monthly minimum wages in force and were disqualified from exercising public functions for 175 months.

Iván Duque celebrated the sentence of alias 19, a member of the first line

When he was still President of the Republic, Iván Duquehad cataloged the group named as the first line as an 'amorphous movement'. At that time, he indicated that “people are not detained for being part of the front line, but rather are deprived of their liberty for the crimes they committed, making it clear that this is not a capricious issue of a government.”

In the same sense, Duque has been one of the biggest opponents of the current national government's project to pardon young people captured during social proteststhat were developed during his administration:

“I don't understand why we are trying to segment the conversation, it is that it is not a topic for young people and front line. They have nothing to do with being young; the first line is a structure, an organization,” said Iván Duque days after learning of Gustavo Petro's proposal.

At the time, Iván Duque also said that it should not reward the people who were capturedwith evident probative material.

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“They have also passed through guarantee control judges who have found convincing evidence. We cannot tell society that he who destroys and vandalizes we reward him because then what message are we giving to our children and the rest of society, whoever commits a crime has to pay”, stressed the former president.

Regarding the sentence against the four members of the first line, the Attorney General's Office stated that: “The decision highlights that the Prosecutor's Office demonstrated that these people agreed and acted in coordination to carry out different acts of vandalism, torture of individuals and attacks against the public force in the southwest of Bogotá”, explained the entity when providing details of the sentence against these people.