Ivan Dorn donated 500,000 hryvnias to the Masha Euphrosyne fund: who donated another 2.5 million

Ivan Dorn donated 500,000 hryvnias to the Masha Euphrosyne fund: who donated another 2.5 million

Ivan Dorn donated 500,000 hryvnias to the Masha Efrosinina Foundation: who donated another 2.5 million

Since May Ivan Dorn has been actively touring with light and favorable concerts in support of Ukraine. Vіn about’zdiv 9 kraїn i zіbrav 3 million hryvnia. Donating 500,000 spivaks to the fund of Masha Efrosinina. Find out what the pennies went to and where the reshta went.

Ex-tourist Ivan Dorn knew that in the remaining three months he played 11 concerts Play for Ukraine in 9 countries of the world. So, yoga fans donated 3 million hryvnia 144, so they donate every penny for charity.


Let's do great things together. Ivan Dorn donating “Masha Foundation” close to pіvmilyon hryvnia, – the team of Euphrosyne voiced.

How to be precise – tseUAH 474,875. Ivan Dorn's pennies were used to buy faces, clothes, clothes, to keep hygiene, products and warming, as they ruled all over Ukraine – from Mukachevo to Kharkiv.

& # 8220; This donat once closed a dekilka of various humanitarian drinks in various regions of Ukraine. People went to Zaporizhzhia and Ivano-Frankivsk on demand, dressed and vozutya – to Chernigiv, hygienic care – near Kharkiv, Cherkassk, Dnipropetrovsk regions. Products were sent to Lviv and Chernigivshchina, and state goods – to Chernigivshchyna and Kyivshchyna. Also, heaters were bought for the house-boarding school, which will be at any time near Mukachevo”, – it was posted on Instagram “To the Masha Foundation”.

Nagadaёmo, Ivan Dorn, who was grazed in Russia for 8 years, Masha Eufrosinina does not sue, even if the next day we will fight wine & #8220;rozіrvav usі contract and zv’language with russian market”.

Where did 2.5 million hryvnias go?

On his Instagram, Ivan Dorn announced that he won 3 million hryvnias in the Play for Ukraine concert tour. I have already donated some of these costs:

  • 87 thousand hryvnia and 5 274 dollars to my label Masterskaya – on I will help humanitarian aid on the Makarivskyi Direction, Mykolaiv, Nova Kakhovka, on the medical needs of Avdiivka and on the turnstiles for the military on the Skhodі. strong>Art Saved Life– for humanitarian purposes for Tokmak, Hlukhiv, Novaya Kakhovka, for clothes for military ZSU and immigrant migrants, for working tools for the freedom of people from the blockages near Zaporizhzha, Hlukhiv, Donetsk.
  • 6 502 euros donated to the post-ash line to Donetsk and Luhansk directly.
  • 474 874 hryvnias went to the fund of Masha Efrosinina.

Ivan Dorn announced that he will soon publish a new image, in which case the decision of the victims went.