It's time for Ukrainians to get to know their own history better (video)

It's time for Ukrainians to get to know their own history better (video)

It's time for Ukrainians to get to know their own history better (video)

Ignorance of their own history can lead to to the loss of their national identity.

Today, more and more interest is awakening in the history of Ukraine, respectively, if there is a demand, there are proposals. Interesting facts can be found on YouTube channels.

Named after Taras Shevchenko (685 thousand subscribers)

The channel is dedicated to the history of Ukraine — interesting or controversial aspects of it in particular. The authors of the project are the Kapranov brothers — Ukrainian writers and public figures who now defend the state as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The video is interesting to watch thanks to not only a well-chosen theme, but also skillful lighting — light, bright and humorous.

Adult story (147k followers)

The channel presents the history of Ukraine through the prism of personal passions of famous people. The face of the project is the writer and TV presenter Oleg Kryshtopa.

Viewers will find out who the historical figures really were, what they ate, who they fell in love with and why they suffered.

Historical truth (33 thousand subscribers)

The channel narrates about the history of Ukraine through the details of everyday life, food, clothes and habits, which guarantees a kind of journey through time. Conducted by the historian and journalist Vakhtang Kipiani, together with well-known researchers.

Everyone can virtually visit the Zaporizhzhya Sich, look behind the bars of the Soviet camp or find out the contents of the plate of a party official.

Local history (32 thousand subscribers)

The channel covers the past and present of Ukraine through the private stories of ordinary Ukrainians. For the authors of the project, the main value — Ukrainian identity.

After watching any video on the channel, you may want to explore your own ancestry.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich