«Fear – not about Ukrainian women»: Olena Frolyak told how the Ukrainian Women's Congress was held

«Fear – not about Ukrainian women&raquo ;: Olena Frolyak told how the Ukrainian Women's Congress was held

Olena Frolyak. Photo: press service

Editor-in-chief and presenter of the program “Facts” on ICTV Olena Frolyak joined the VI Ukrainian Women's Congress – an annual event about the roles of women in power and business.  

Participants discussed the leadership of Ukrainian women, in particular, participation in the process of rebuilding Ukraine. The presenter of ICTV moderated the discussion, at which more than 50 speakers spoke.

When I was driving, I thought: maybe this year it would be possible without the Congress – war same But howarrived, understood: it is definitely not about Ukrainian women to be afraid. It is definitely not about these women who are organizing the Congress: volunteers, paramedics, participants in social projects, doctors, people's deputies. Everyone has a fighting spirit and everyone thinks only about victory, about how to get closer to it. And they definitely do not stand aside from this process”, – shared Olena Frolyak.

This year the theme of the event is “Values ​​during war”. It is Ukrainian women who have now become the main value. This was emphasized by the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska during her speech at the Congress. She noted that women in their struggle with a terrible ordeal have become a sensation in the world.

They also talked about the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. According to the UN, almost 5 million Ukrainian refugees are now abroad. And the main part is women with children. The new challenge was to do everything possible so that the families could return home. 

A lot needs to be done to get them back. Every day of their stay there is an anchor: the children begin to speak English, French, Lithuanian, they integrate into a new life, a new community appears in them. At the same time, mom sees how peaceful and good it is to go to school abroad. And in order for our people to return, it must be safe, institutions must work: schools, hospitals. And those who are responsible for the work of these institutions have gathered here, even in wartime,” Olena Frolyak commented.

Paevska (Tyra), authorized officer for the state language Taras Kremin, chief doctor of the Center for Psychological Health and Rehabilitation of Veterans “Lisova Polyana” of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Ksenia Voznitsyna and others.

The event was also attended by the host of ICTV Vadim Karpyak, who moderated the speeches of the panelists.

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