“It's hard to believe such a story”: Mara Patricia Castaneda questioned rape accusations against Vicente Fernandez

"It's hard to believe such a story": Mara Patricia Castaneda questioned rape accusations against Vicente Fernandez

A few weeks after she was harshly criticized for defending Vicente Fernández in the face of a sexual harassment scandal, the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda affirmed that the "Charro de Huentitán" "felt harassed" by the controversy and chose to give her statement because "the that he owes nothing, he fears nothing ”.

The communicator was questioned about the controversy that the Mexican singer has been involved in for weeks, when he was accused of touching the bust of more than one of his followers and of allegedly raping Lupita Castro.

Castañeda indicated that he will not look for Vicente Fernández again to talk about her most recent scandal, since she does not understand the accusation made by the Mexican-American artist and her delay in making it public, mainly before launching a book about the event.

"I did not understand her very well because they had a friendship relationship and I do not think that so many years later … I do not criticize or judge her, but it is difficult to believe such a story, it makes me strange," he told journalist Eden Dorantes.

"It's hard to believe such a story": Mara Patricia Castaneda questioned rape accusations against Vicente Fernandez

The communicator, Vicente Fernández Jr.'s ex-partner, commented that the victim could do more against his aggressor, even go as far as physical violence.

“As a woman you stop at the moment and you don't wait so many years . At that moment you leave, you slap him, because if they don't feel sorry for disrespecting you, why are you going to be embarrassed to say 'stop him' ", he added.

Mara Patricia stressed that these accusations only overshadow the broad Vicente Fernández's career and they are looking for some kind of publicity.

“So what he did as a singer no longer works, now he is a rapist or stalker. They should have done that at the time and perhaps they would have achieved what they can no longer achieve now because there is no evidence, ”he said bluntly.

recommended that victims of any type of violence file a complaint and not be intimidated by the reactions of the attacks: “We women must stop and file a complaint.”

"It's hard to believe such a story": Mara Patricia Castaneda questioned rape accusations against Vicente Fernandez

He stressed that he does not want to know Vicente Fernández's position because he already “said what he had to say” regarding the controversy about sexual harassment.

“I don't know what it is what they are fighting, I no longer know if they are going to sue him, what he did say is that in the interview: he is prepared for anything because he who owes nothing, fears nothing and they did not take into account that he showed his face then later and he did not remain silent, ”he concluded.

The complaints against Fernández appeared on TikTok, where they quickly went viral. In the social network, several images of the singer were published touching the bust of his fans, who met with him in search of a memory next to one of the greatest exponents of the Mexican regional.

“I saw the photo and, indeed, yes . I put my hand, first on the stomach and said 'in the stomach you are going to feel offended' and I raised my hand and they took the photo. But I never did 'like this', if I have something it is to respect the public. But I do want to apologize to all the media because they have always treated me very well throughout my career … I admit that I did wrong, I don't know if it was joking, it was a joke … I don't know, "the interpreter acknowledged in an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda.

Vicente Fernández Llora in an interview with Mara Patricia

“I do offer an apology with all my heart, but I did not do it with the intention. If I had done it with the intention, I don't do it there … I would have taken her to the stables. I don't even remember how it happened, ”Vicente continued from his ranch in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and with tears in his eyes.

Added to these testimonies was that of Lupita Castro, who assured that she was raped by Alejandro Fernández's father.


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