Italians suddenly infected with COVID-19

Italians suddenly infected with COVID-19

Italian got infected with COVID-19 overnight, wil ta mawp’speak out

Italian cases on COVID-19, VIL and MAVP’I am out of the country

Italian after trips to Spain after taking positive tests for COVID, Mavp’I am in time of VIL.

After p&# 8217;fifth trip to Spain 36-year-old italian suddenly infected with coronavirus About tse tell CNBC.

Symptoms appeared in the new one nine days after the turn. Tse bula voma, head bіl i visip on the left hand, and then pukhіrі, scho z’were a stretch of the coming few days.

After the person went to the clinic, the doctors diagnosed him with a new COVID-19 and mawp’chu. The result of the test for VIL was also positive. On the other hand, the following week, Italy was signed off on a medical mortgage, having worn it as if in case of mavp’sickness, so in case of coronavirus.

Researchers from the University of Catania stated that this depression is showing as symptoms of mavp’ Covid-19 recovery cells “may overlap one another” є important for diagnosis.

Previously, it was said that the war in Ukraine brought about an increase in the number of ailments: oncological and heart-judgmental.