“It was in the opposite direction”

September 14, 2021 by archyde

“It was in the opposite direction”

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Amado Boudou spoke of the results of the PASO.

Beloved Boudou, former Vice President of the Nation, spoke about the results of the PASO last Sunday and pointed out against Martín Guzmán: “It was in the opposite direction of what the president was pointing out to him”.

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“The socioeconomic numbers that were voted on were very significant for this election. This is not a new topic, at least for us”, He analyzed in dialogue with AM 750.

He criticized the current Minister of the Economy portfolio: “We do not see the Minister of Economy talking about economic issues, but simply of the subjects of finances ”, he pointed out.

“It was in the opposite direction”

© Provided by Vía País
Martín Guzmán, one of those responsible for the defeat of the ruling party, according to Amado Boudou.

In addition, he stated that the discontent of the people not only has to do with the current management but also with the previous one: socioeconomic numbers of Argentina are not generated by the government of Alberto Fernández, they are a kind of legacy left only four years by Mauricio Macri ”.

“The President says it over and over again that wages have to beat inflation and this does not happen. There is an instrumental problem that is not consistent with the political decision of the President”Boudou commented.

“We must take measures that not only have to do with the income of the population but also with the income of merchants and national entrepreneurs who have the same expectations ”, explained the former Minister of Economy.

He believed that the Front of All “You have made a bad choice“, And considered that” it would be interesting to try to start, with great calm and tranquility, to break down what the edges have been “.

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Did not vote

Beloved Boudou He was conditionally released at the end of July and was authorized to vote in PASO 2021. However, he was not present at the EP School No. 10 located at Avenida Miter 2985 in Sarandí, Avellaneda district of the province of Buenos Aires.

On his first day of probation, last July 23, the former vice president had admitted that he wants to return to a position in the national government. However, the ruling that sentenced him to five years and 10 months in prison for the Ciccone case also disqualified him from holding public office.

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