“It prohibits the chairs on the ground”: Anne Hathaway on working with Christopher Nolan

"Он запрещает стулья на площадке": Энн Хэтэуэй о работе с Кристофером Ноланом

Anne Hathaway. Photo: Getty Images

American actors Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman in a series of interviews Actors on Actors, hosted by the portal Variety, discussed the working methods of the famous Director Christopher Nolan.

Apart from the fact that Christopher Nolan, as well as Darren Aronofsky and Denis Villeneuve, prohibits to be shooting with a mobile phone, it also does not allow to keep on the set chairs.

I worked with him twice. It prohibits the chairs. His argument is this: if the site chairs, people will sit, and if they sit, they don’t work,” notes Anne Hathaway.

The actress also added that such measures are effective because the Nolan movies are always emotionally coloured, massive and complex, but always fit into the budget and production time.

Note that the 37-year-old actress starred in two films of Nolan “the Dark knight” in 2012 and “Interstellar” in 2014.

We offer you to look at the conversation Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman:

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