“It makes you wonder if you really need to be insured”: Anne, stricken in Trooz, is shocked by what her insurance offers her

September 12, 2021 by archyde

Several victims of the terrible floods of last July have contacted us: the damage to their homes is estimated at tens of thousands of euros. But the insurance policies of many victims offer them a much lower reimbursement. What can they do?

Anne, stricken in Trooz, tells us what she’s been going through since the floods. His insurance offers him compensation of 28,000 euros while the latter claims 50,000 euros, practically double. She specifies that an independent expert came to her home and told her that she was entitled to 80,000 euros in compensation.

Anne had 1.8 meters of water in the living room and the dining room. “It went on for three days and it was definitely not clean water. There was fuel oil, car gasoline. That’s what makes furniture rot“, specifies Anne on the set of C’est pas tous les jours dimanche.

My insurance expert told me no, it’s sturdy wood. You have to paint it, treat it. In terms of the chassis, it’s the same. He told me a little wipe up and it’s good“, she says.

“It’s shocking”

According to Anne’s words, a second expert and tradespeople came by and saw the damage. But for the expert in his insurance, “they don’t know their job“. “It’s a little absurd, it’s shocking“she blurted out.”We wonder if we should take the expert to redo the frames, because apparently he knows better than the tradespeople.“, launches Anne, annoyed.

The Trooz resident wonders if the uninsured victims are not treated better than she is. Christophe Deborsu recalled on the set that the Walloon government has declared that people who have seen their house disappear in the waves and who are not insured, will be awarded a premium of 100 to 140,000 euros to rebuild or buy a house.

A decision that Anne does not understand …

I find it logical that they receive something but from there to me having 28,000 euros by paying my insurance … it makes you wonder if you really have to be insured. If we pay, I find that we must be compensated for what we pay and for the damage“, estimates the woman victim of the floods.”People who don’t pay for insurance are up to them. Give them 100,000 euros minimum, it’s huge what“.

Wauthier Robijns, spokesperson for the Belgian Federation of Insurers Assuralia, responded to Anne. “It is already quite a tragedy to have to live the flood and then to have more administrative hassles, it is obviously something that we do not want to live“, began the spokesperson.

What if the expert and the counter-expert do not agree?

Here, we hear that there are two experts who contradict each other. The way to come out on top is to get them both okay“, explains Wauthier Robijns.

He explains that the usual procedure in matters of expertise is that the two experts agree on a colleague (a third expert) whose competence is recognized to decide between these two opinions which are opposed.

Anne says she is ready to call in a third expert, but also to go to court. “I am ready for anything“.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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