It is the eighth medal for Colombia in the history of this contest.

It is the eighth medal for Colombia in the history of this contest.

Colombia vibrated with the silver medal achieved by Natalia Linares in the long jump competition of the World Championships in Athletics of the U-20 category, which takes place in Cali.

Linares achieved his best record in the jump fourth with 6 meters and 59 centimeters, which gave him the peace of mind to secure his position in the competition.

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Regular boot

The gold went to the Bulgarian Plamena Mitkova, who in her third jump reached 6 m, 66 c. The bronze was held by the ItalianMarta Armani, with 6 m, 62 c.

The Colombian athlete got her place in the final in the test last Wednesday, in which she obtained a record of 6 m, 31 c.

The current champion of the Bolivarian Games
and number two in the world ranking achieved her goal on the first attempt, but jumped twice more for a record of 5.93 meters and 5, 68 m.

Linares was born on January 3, 2003 in Valleduparand he always lived with his mother, Yanelis González, and with his brother, José David, 22 years old.

It is the eighth medal in the history of Colombian athletics in this type of event, a path that was opened by Norma González when he got the bronze in the 400 meter dash in Chile 2000.

It is the eighth medal for Colombia in the history of this contest.

Then, the turn was for Eider Arévalo and Sandra Lorena Arenas in the march. The first won gold and Arenas was bronze in Barcelona 2012.

In Poland 2016, Evelyn Rivera won silver in the 200-meter dash.
In 2018, at the Tampere World Cup, Finland, María Fernanda Murillo took the bronze in the high jump with a record of 1.90 meters.

Jhon Berrío was second in Nairobi, Kenya, last year,
in the long jump competition with a mark of 7.97 meters.

In this World Cup in Cali, Colombia won silver in the javelin throw with Valentina Barrios, with a record of 57.84 meters , a new national record.

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