It is possible to ban conscript women from going abroad only by a government decision, – DPSU

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Forbidding women conscripted to go abroad is possible only by a decision of the government, – DPSU

Currently, social networks are spreading information regarding the possible restriction on travel abroad for women who will be registered for military service from October 1 of the current year. The State Border Service commented on the following reports.

This is reported by the publication “Ukrainian Pravda”. Life”.

DPSU spokesman Andriy Demchenko explained that travel abroad is limited for conscripted men and civil servants (without valid reasons), in accordance with a Cabinet resolution.

Travel abroad for women who have medical and pharmaceutical specialties and will be registered for military service from October 1 is currently not limited.

"At the moment, the restrictions apply to Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60, as well as certain government positions employees, which is clearly defined in the Government resolution, which regulates the Rules for crossing the state border by citizens of Ukraine. If changes are made to these rules, they will be followed accordingly,", Demchenko said.

The fact that some women will become conscripts from October 1, does not mean that they will automatically be prohibited from leaving Ukraine, as men who are conscripted. If the relevant changes are to be made, they must first be approved by the government.

Currently, there is no draft law under consideration that would limit the travel of women abroad.