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It is possible for Biden to remain prominent in the coming days as he enters the presidency, – ZMI

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

It is possible for Biden to remain in the next few days to become president, - ZMI

As Independence Day approaches the 4th anniversary of the United States of America, President Joseph Biden plans to celebrate with a number of loved ones to inform the most important decisions of his presidential race, CNN reported.

"The President will select members 'ї before Independence Day, which is of paramount importance for upcoming discussions about the re-election campaign in the White House. He will urgently require a day without intense new things to allow him to “regroup” “The potentially most important one has 48 years of political career,” they said.

It appears that Biden is fighting for the succession of his next presidency.

It appears that there are no worries, wow There is a growing plague of criticism and pressure in the middle of the party. And more and more Democrats doubt that they can overcome Donald Trump after a disastrous performance at the debate.

When there were rumors on Wednesday that the dignified head of the White House is considering the possibility of withdrawing from the race, Biden unequivocally stating that our brothers will take part in the elections in order to overcome.

Then we joined forces with 20 Democratic governors in the White House.

In order to sing the Americans of their abilities, This Friday, Biden will give an interview to ABC News, “as there now seems to be more excitement than the debate on CNN.” Even during Biden's election campaign, as well as his public appearances, they are being analyzed for any pardons or a sign of conflict.

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