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It is important to know: how to choose a power bank

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

It is important to know: how to choose a power bank

Due to the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, hostilities continue in Ukraine. Enemy missile strikes damage energy infrastructure facilities. Ukrainians are forced to adapt to life in blackout conditions. “UNIAN” edition told what characteristics you should pay attention to when buying a power bank.


One of the main criteria for a power bank is its capacity. Manufacturers specify it in milliamps – hours (mA-h). And often it is this indicator that affects the price of the device the most.

A 10,000 mAh power bank will be enough to charge one smartphone. But if you plan to power several devices, including a laptop or tablet, it is better to choose a model with 20,000-30,000 mAh.

Connectors and cables

Cheap power banks often do not include a charging cable. In such cases, it is worth finding out the type of USB connectors that the power bank has.

Some external batteries are sold with a connected or even built-in cable. In such cases, it is definitely worth clarifying which end of the cable is from the side of the smartphone. This is usually a microUSB, Lightning or USB‑C port. It is important to compare the data before buying so that you do not buy the wrong model.

Find out the output current of the device

The charging speed of your device depends on the output power of the power bank. The higher it is – the faster the smartphone will charge.

Sometimes batteries can have two or more charging outputs with different output currents. Such models are more expensive because they are universal.

Check for the fast charging function

This function may not be available in all models. But its presence allows you to significantly save phone charging time.

Before buying a power bank, you should find out which fast charging your device supports. You need to buy a power bank for it, otherwise you can charge the smartphone with basic power for two or even three hours.

Find out the input current of the external battery

The charging speed of the power bank itself depends on the input parameter current This indicator is responsible for how much energy the power bank absorbs in one unit of time.

Therefore, if you prefer to quickly charge an external battery, you must pay attention to the data of the input number of amperes. For example, some power banks can be charged in 20 minutes.

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