It is critically thought not to allow the hulks to listen to the “fakhіvtsіv usіh galuzey”

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It's critical not to let the hulks listen to "fahіvtsіv usіh galuzy

On September 14, Ukraine was shaken by a black tragedy, as they brought rashisti, the stench of a strike on the Dnipro, after which a maiden’s bunker was built on top of it. Today, September 16, the DSNS reports about the increase in the number of victims: 40 dead, among them three children. After the strike on the Dnipro, Russian propagandists themselves had a bad idea of ​​what to say about it. There were sounded versions about gas swells. In the past, the stinks were talking about those Ukrainians themselves who hit the damp booth. І axis їm come to the aid of the Ukrainian “viysk expert, trainer from the special education department, guardian of the OPU” Oleksiy Arestovich and just did ozbroyuє propaganda enemy. Today, they told the Kremlin about Arestovich, saying that the President of Ukraine himself announced his pardon at the Dnipro, and Russia, having said, didn’t know about any civilized people.

On the 14th of July, the Russian legal defender and blogger Mark Feygin, a person with an unknown settlement and an incomprehensible status, Oleksiy Arestovich, said that the rocket, as if it had lost a part of the bugatopoverkivka near the Dnipro, the bula was hit by the forces of the PPO of Ukraine and swelled, swelled. And already on September 15 “fahivets in the ears” write a new post, in which you tell, that you are simply exhausted, even if the new one has ether after ether. In addition, vin, judging by this post, virishuu mass of problems: someone vislukhovu, here intervene, help someone, someone ryatuє… If you want this post to be thrown more on those, about which people’s deputy Goncharenko said in his blos, that if a person comments on everything flawlessly, there is a chance to say lighthouses, write to the online newspaper "Politarena".

Oleksiy Petrov, a Ukrainian military officer and volunteer, is responsible for giving an assessment of the special services in the future to the full statements of Arestovich. Let us briefly guess the story of Arestovich.

Vin became a leader as an organizer of psychological seminars and trainings. Yearly, positioning himself as a military expert. In the spring of 2019, Arestovich actively encouraged Petro Poroshenko to rock, talking about yoga charisma and the ability to win a choice. In the meantime of 2019, writing about Zelensky, as if about the “Krivorizky quilted jacket, for whom Putin was not the president of the aggressor country, but only a member of the “Norman Four” some kind of mav pouring on “the other side””.

And from already in 2021, Oleksiy’s roci palko praised the “miracle”, like people, behind his words, “took on enthusiasm and hope to take revenge on Poroshenko”. On the air of the program “The right to rule” on Kolomoisky’s channel, Arestovich, the same speaker of the TCG, having shown how to get to Zelensky, the shards of illness were “powder-making”, as if having overcome the coronavirus. In the future of 2022, Arestovich pishov will appoint the leader Yermak and the speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the trilateral contact group to regulate the conflict in the Donbas through “special causes”. Before the bells and whistles, I called President Volodymyr Zelensky at the destroyed marching houses.

September 31, 2022 already the same call from “usikh posad” Arestovich, in one of his numerical intervals, found out that the Ukrainians needed to unpack the “alarm bags”.  The leader energized Arestovich, chi on yoga thought the threat of war would be reduced to a minimum, but Arestovich said that it would be less likely to lead to “terrible statements of the infamous and Russian press”.

“The most realistic option– tse zagostrennya in the environmental protection zone. Such imovirnist є. Prote is not afraid to overcome it, but to create a hell of a negotiation Maidanchik and through the zahіdnі mehanіzmi press on us for vikonanny Minsk-2. Tse maximum for a stink, Russians are ready at once. What stench to go, food, but ready to stink only on the spot. I do not believe in the terrible Russian attack. If I have mercy, I know I'm going to the front. Be afraid of nothing. Chance Ukrainians, unpack your worrying bags. Do not hear all that nonsense about blood and terrible possessions, about everything that is told to us by CNN, Washington Post. Do not listen to Russian propaganda. Listen to your country. Vaughn be sober”,– having said at the same time “new-pasit”, like yoga, some people called it on the cob of war.

Dali Arestovich again appears at the presenter in the її program already on February 15, 2022, a few days before the war and for the sake of, laughing, the Ukrainians, as they haven’t unpacked the “worrisome rolls”, sit for an hour until the night, sit on them 4th wound and then let's take care of our right. Vіn, zvіsno, yakuvav partners for help and zbroyu, but explaining that the press was rushing from the Lantsyuga and lyakaє Ukrainians. I will renew my orders to go to the front, in times of war, and all operations of Russia, it is necessary to bear the names of Hindu gods. Leading you to morgue, swear and tell about people who are afraid. And I’ll explain with a reasonable look that the goal of Russia is not really to fight, but to make Ukraine known “LDNR”.

the immensity of this incompetence in politics and non-government in the military justice. It’s not clear that a fakhovy psychologist or a coach is on the balls of wine. Let them be judged by the professionals of the gallery.

And guess what the war, from yogo filing, “finish in two or three days”, and from the SRSR I have an ideal idea life. Looking at all “kar’єru” actor Arestovich, to think about it, to believe it in the future, to listen, to better emphasize the critical thoughts and correct this character simply by the authorities “ban”.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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