It is anomalous in France to cause nuclear reactors to overheat: what is the threat to people

It is anomalous in France to cause nuclear reactors to overheat: what is the threat to people

Europe is kept out of lethal specs. While roads and bridges in Britain are melting, in France there are problems at nuclear plants, the reactors of which do not get cold.

Anomalous spec in France to cause nuclear reactors to overheat: what a threat to people

The French company-operator of nuclear power plants EDF knew the solution for turning on the power units. Zokrema, Mova about reactors, roztashovani vzdovzh river Rhone and Garonne. That's why it's not varto to boast through this ymovirna breakdown. Nuclear power plants near the twisting station Temperature fluctuations, water and electricity rivers are not the only climatic problems that affect nuclear power plants. In the rest of the rivers, all over the Pivnichniy Europe, there will be turbulence, or to reduce the tension, so that through the tanny of the ice builders, the river of water was moving into the Holy Ocean, and the water became too warm, so that the reactor was safely cooled . In addition, there are other unobvious risks: for example, algae blooms have become more frequent and jellyfish populations have sharply increased, which can replace water pipes.

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Under the circumstances, during the design of the stations, many of them appeared in the 70-80s, did not protect the threats, caused by the climate.

It was clear that in the 2010s, there were more power turns on in the 2010s, there were more warmings, and in the beginnings of the 1990s. At the end of 2011, due to the inflow of warming on the nuclear cooling system, it was predicted that the temperature of the Roni River would rise by three degrees until 2050, which means an increase in the turn-on during periods of strong sintering.

In the opinion of experts, the adaptation of the existing fleet of stations can be foldable, it will be easier for it to be new power plants, weatherproof against climate threats, and not to modernize the old ones.

Sometime in France, it will be cleared a long time ago. If you want to bake, you can go through, you can save a low rіven water, which you will bring to the soonest, yakі try it for days or months. EDF recently informed the journalists that there are new borders near the next month, shards of raven water continue to fall.