“It has never been so bad”: Vladimir Ostapchuk told how he carries the coronavirus

“It has never been so bad”: Vladimir Ostapchuk told how he carries the coronavirus

According to the host, he has bilateral pneumonia

Inna Petrova

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Recently it became known that the host Vladimir Ostapchuk contracted the coronavirus. Together with his fiancée, he passed tests for COVID-19, and only Ostapchuk's results were positive. Kristina Gornyak is not sick with coronavirus, but she had a high fever and lost her sense of smell.

After a week of treatment, Vladimir Ostapchuk told his fans about his health. According to the showman, in the first days of his illness it was very difficult for him.

“Yes, guys, this is the” crown. “With bilateral pneumonia. I don't like to complain, but it was probably the worst week for my health. I have never felt so bad! Temperature under 40, cough, chills and whatnot , and today is the first day that I'm back on social networks, “he wrote on his Instagram account.

Host Vladimir Ostapchuk

Due to illness, Ostapchuk canceled his stand-up in Kiev, which he regrets very much, but the presenter could not risk the health of other people.

“I didn’t know then that it was a coronavirus, but there were all the symptoms (the test came in 4 days), but I didn’t come out, and thank God,” Vladimir admitted.

He added that he will take the stage as soon as he recovers.

For more information about Vladimir Ostapchuk's illness, see the plot:

As for Ostapchuk's bride, Christina Gornyak, she is on self-isolation with her beloved. In Instastories, the girl said that he and Vladimir are already better, although the last four days have been very difficult for her chosen one.

We will remind, after the news that Vladimir Ostapchuk fell ill with coronavirus, his bride Kristina Gornyak announced that their wedding was postponed.

Earlier, Vladimir Ostapchuk told how he proposed to his girlfriend on a yacht in Turkey.

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