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It has become easier to collect solar energy on the balcony: how will the new MS-A2 battery help (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

Collecting solar energy on the balcony has become easier: how the new MS-A2 battery will help (video)

The battery for balcony solar power plants has a battery capacity of 2240 W*h and service life of 6000 cycles. It is easy to install and compatible with any microinverters.

Chinese manufacturer Hoymiles has released a new battery for solar modules that can be installed on the balcony. PV-magazine revealed the details.

The first generation Hoymiles MS-A2 microinverter energy storage system is designed for balcony power plants with a built-in LiFePO4 battery with a capacity of 2.24 kWh. It has dimensions of 455 x 220 x 457 mm and weighs 32 kg. Its nominal AC voltage is 230 V, and the nominal AC frequency — 50 Hz.

The system is equipped with ports for connecting to the network. The maximum AC output power is 800 V⋅A. The nominal power during charge and discharge reaches 1000 V⋅A, and the declared service life — 6000 cycles.

The battery also has IP65 protection and a cooling system based on natural convection. The MS-A2 is compatible with all microinverters on the market and can be easily installed by yourself.

The manufacturer says that two devices can be connected in series to increase the amount of energy storage. The built-in Bluetooth Wi-Fi combo module provides stable communication between the device, the mobile application and the S-Miles Cloud solar power plant monitoring platform.

YouTube channel “Marc testet” reported that the energy storage system for of balcony solar power plants is connected to the 230 V network. It does not matter which inverter is used. No additional cables need to be laid — it is enough to simply connect the microinverter to the storage device. The storage can be placed outside or inside the house and works silently.

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