It ends well for Bergevin

It ends well for Bergevin

Jarmo Kekäläinen wanted to get an established player in return for Pierre-Luc Dubois. Marc Bergevin did not have a Patrik Laine to offer him. This is how Dubois will continue his career in Winnipeg. And all’s well that ends well for Bergevin.

There is no doubt that Dubois was an attractive player for the Canadian. Bergevin has surely tested the waters. But, as I said earlier this week, the context did not lend itself to it for the Habs.

Questions to ask yourself

Why would Bergevin have compromised when he finally found the right recipe to relaunch his team?

Why would he trade Suzuki?

The 21-year-old center was the asset he was looking for in the deal that sent Max Pacioretty to Las Vegas. And Tomas Tatar is well worth Pacioretty.

Why would Bergevin let Jesperi Kotkaniemi go?

Because he had great confidence in him for having drafted him a rank (third) higher than expected by recruiters.

Why would Bergevin have sacrificed Alexander Romanov?

Because good 21-year-old defenders don’t run the streets.

Young people progress quickly

My opinion is not a disavowal of Dubois. We know what he is capable of.

But since when does a successful team make a big deal mid-season?

We all agreed to say before the season that the Canadian had an interesting formation and that he should be given some time before judging him.

The newcomers quickly established themselves. Young people assert themselves and progress quickly.

Conclusion: we do not touch anything.

Unhappy player swap

As for the Blue Jackets and Jets, they traded players who weren’t happy with their squad.

Dubois wanted to get out of Columbus. Laine and Jack Roslevic no longer saw each other in Winnipeg.

All of these players should be happy. I speak in the conditional because Winnipeg and Columbus are not the top destinations in the National League.

It will also be necessary to see how the chemistry will develop between John Tortorella and Laine, who is recognized as a slacker.

It might rush into the stretchers!

If things came to that, Laine could very well emulate Dubois. Unless Tortorella loses her job.

Laine is in the last year of his contract and will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season. Just like Dubois was after the last campaign.

What did Dubois do?

He signed a new contract and asked to be traded. He still had on his heart the tirade that Tortorella had served him in the eyes of everyone during the Stanley Cup tournament presented last summer.

For him, the bond was broken forever with Tortorella. He was not the first player to have had a problem with the hot coach and he will not be the last.

Bad reaction

On the other hand, he has not reacted well to his last two games with the Blue Jackets. He played without conviction, which is not worthy of a professional player.

It made him look bad and that’s something he won’t have to do again.

His arrival with the Jets will spice up games against the Canadiens. Circumstances dictate, in this era of a pandemic, that the two teams face each other nine times this season.

Dubois will try to impress, but Suzuki and Kotkaniemi will want to do the same.

It will give a good show.

When will Dubois begin?

When will Pierre-Luc Dubois and Patrik Laine make their debut with their new team?

In Dubois’ case, Canadian health restrictions for travelers arriving from another country state that a 14-day lockdown must be observed.

The relief authorized by the Canadian government for the opening of training camps is no longer in effect.

Under this rule, players entering Canada were placed in a seven-day lockdown during which they had to undergo four tests that were to prove negative.

Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff is currently negotiating with the government to have this amendment reinstated.

No rules in Ohio

In the case of Patrik Laine, Jarmo Kekäläinen said yesterday that his new player must first obtain an American work visa. It should also be noted that Laine is treating an upper body injury that has kept him out of the game during the last three games of the Jets.

However, the state of Ohio does not impose mandatory rules on travelers arriving from a foreign country. It is only recommended that these people undergo a two-week quarantine if they come from a place where there is a contagion rate greater than 15% of the population.

It differs from state to state

It is not the same in all American states. The restrictions differ according to the requirements of the health authorities in place.

Thus, as we know in Quebec, there is no protocol in Florida.

Overall, Canadian teams are subject to more stringent restrictions than American teams.

This may complicate things at the transaction deadline, which is set for April 12, in this season unlike any other. In this context, teams that want to add to their training for the last stretch of the calendar will have an interest in taking action as soon as possible.

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