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It can “kill” your smartphone: what to do if the “water drop” icon appeared on the screen

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

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Samsung warns: under no circumstances should you connect your phone to a charger.

Samsung has told customers what to do and what not to do if the drop icon appears on the phone. Details reported  by The Sun.

The “water drop” icon signals that water has entered the charging port. In this case, you cannot connect the charger to the phone. But if the user did this, the power supply would stop.

Although most modern Samsung phones are waterproof, this does not mean that there is no risk of liquid getting into the various connectors. If there is water in the USB port of the device or the humidity level exceeds the set value, charging will not be supported. This safety measure is designed to protect the phone from damage and corrosion. The company recommends turning off the device and letting it dry completely.

Samsung experts do not advise placing the phone in rice or other cereals, as this will do more harm than good. Instead, you should disconnect the gadget device from the charger, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. It can also be gently shaken (5-10 times) with the port down to remove excess moisture. Then, placing the device on a table, you can dry it with a fan.

To be sure that the moisture detection system works, you need to update the software or reboot the smartphone. It will also not be superfluous to clear the phone's USB cache by performing the following actions:

  1. “Settings” — “Apps” — “Filter and sort”.
  2. Switch to “Show system applications”, then click “OK”.
  3. Go to “USB Settings” — “Storage”.
  4. Click “Clear cache”.
Natasha Kumar

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