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It became known which buggies, ATVs and electric bicycles are used by the soldiers of the Armed Forces at the front

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

It became known what buggies, quad bikes and electric bicycles are used by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front

The Ukrainian military uses beach buggies, quad bikes and e-bikes on the front line. These vehicles are quiet and inconspicuous to enemy drones, the WSJ reports.


Ukraine and Russia use small maneuverable vehicles to deliver cargo, evacuate the wounded and sometimes to transfer troops. These machines cannot completely replace traditional military vehicles due to the lack of firepower and armor, but nevertheless occupy an important niche.

Examples of application

One of the fighters told reporters about the experience using buggies to carry water and ammunition. His “wheel assistant” made in Kyiv and equipped with a Volkswagen engine.

The fighters of “Azov” in the Kremin Forest they rely on small vehicles to deliver supplies. According to one of the commanders, only such cars can drive through narrow paths.

Medical evacuation

The front-line medic of the Armed Forces spoke about the use of a unicycle for the rapid evacuation of the wounded, which allows you to overcome obstacles and accelerate up to 40 mph.

Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles are used on the front lines due to their low visibility and low heat output. The Ukrainian brand Eleek has donated more than 100 Atom series e-bikes to the Armed Forces, which are capable of speeds up to 40 mph and have a range of 62 miles.

Quad bikes

Fighters also use quad bikes of various brands (Polaris, Yamaha, etc.) that can accelerate to over 70 miles per hour.

Natasha Kumar

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