It became known what happens during death, and whether there is a chance to bring a person back to life

It became known what happens during death, and whether there is a chance to bring a person back to life

Death has long been considered the end of a person's life and the most terrible thing that can happen to him. Science claims that there is nothing after death, comparing it to loss of consciousness or dreamless sleep, only unlimited in time. Meanwhile, a person continues to fight over the solution of the possible resurrection of the dead, and medicine knows many ways to bring back to life those who are at different stages of death.

It became known what happens during death, and whether there is a chance to bring a person back to life

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In addition, scientists are even accustomed to distinguish between several different stages of death: terminal, biological, and the most recent – brain death. At the same time, in the first stage of death, there are three different periods, some of which may not occur. For example, the first period is called the preagonal state, in which a person is faced with clouding of consciousness, oxygen deficiency in the higher parts of the brain, decreased pressure and disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system. This is followed by agony, at this stage in the body all the mechanisms that help it fight for survival begin to systematically shut down. At this moment, the feeling of pain turns off, blood saturation decreases, reflexes fade away, a person can lose consciousness.

Despite all the external seriousness of these phenomena, preagony and agony are reversible processes. A person in a similar state is already halfway to death, but it is still possible to save him. The last stage of the terminal stage, doctors call clinical death, in which the work of the respiratory and heart organs stops. In the event of clinical death, it seems that all life processes in the human body are stopped – the body temperature is lowered, the oxygen content in the blood falls catastrophically. But even in this case, there is still enough gas to support the life of the cells. This stage can last up to 6 minutes, and during this period the person can still be “pumped out”.

The terminal stage of death can last for several minutes, but it can stretch over several days. After it comes the so-called biological death, in which all processes stop, and this is irreversible, since the cells of vital organs stop receiving oxygen and are destroyed. In this case, the person finally dies, and it is no longer possible to save him.

The theory is that a person can be resurrected using cryonics, an advanced technology for freezing in liquid nitrogen. Already, there are scientific organizations that provide services for freezing the bodies of deceased people for an indefinite period, whose relatives hope that in the future technologies will appear that will allow a person to return to life even from such a state.

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