It became known that it prevents the Ukrainian military from undergoing full training in Germany

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It became known that the Ukrainian military is prevented from receiving full training in Germany

According to journalists, the main obstacle for more effective training of Ukrainian soldiers in Germany is a language barrier.

The main problem for Danish, German and Dutch instructors in training Ukrainian soldiers is the lack of competent translators. The Financial Times writes about it.

According to journalists, by the end of the year, 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers will undergo training in Germany, which is part of a broader Western program to equip the Ukrainian armed forces with tanks, artillery and anti-aircraft defense systems< /p>

"Translators — this is problem number one”, — said Dutch Brigadier General Martin Bonn.

According to him, during training Ukrainians have to explain a large number of technical or military words. Almost no one uses such words in everyday life.

The publication writes that Ukrainian soldiers were satisfied with the fact that they learned about German Leopard1 A5 tanks during training. This model is less complex than the Leopard 2.

Bonn said that during the counteroffensive in the south, the APU faces three problems:

  • Difficult terrain;
  • Complex electronic warfare of the enemy;
  • Use of drones by the occupiers.

"We are looking for ways to prepare Ukrainians for actions in such conditions", — he said.