It became known that in no case should be placed next to the router

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It became known that you should never put it next to the router

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A router has long become an indispensable household item for Ukrainians. It distributes Wi-Fi, and without this little box of electronics, many can no longer imagine their lives. And children born in the era of the Internet and cellular communications, learn to pronounce the letter "R" from the word "router".

And by the way, this small and indispensable home assistant can greatly harm other appliances that are too close to it. .ua.

What items should not be placed near the router?

  • In no case do not put next to it, and even more so on it, bank cards or cards for discounts in retail chains containing a magnetic tape. The router can demagnetize it, and then your card will turn into an unusable piece of plastic that will not read neither at ATMs nor at terminals at the cash desks of shops.
  • You should also not put a magnetic key from the intercom next to the router. It will suffer the same fate as a bank card.
  • In addition, if you want to keep your car alarm keyfob in working condition, it should be kept away from the Wi-Fi distributor.
  • Do not leave Bluetooth headphones or headsets near the router.
  • Do not place your smartphone or tablet near the router. Not only will your devices run out of power very quickly, it can cause more serious harm to them .

However, the router itself is also vulnerable. Therefore, it should also be protected from exposure to certain household appliances.

What is the router afraid of?

  • It must be kept away from the microwave. Otherwise, a working oven will jam the dispenser.
  • He is also afraid of a running vacuum cleaner or any other household appliance with a running motor. Therefore, even an ordinary household blender buzzing nearby can " make nerves” gentle router. So it is better that other household appliances are located no closer than a meter to it.
  • In addition, the router does not like to be blocked by a metal object. Metal scatters the electromagnetic field of the router and it loses its power.
  • For this reason, you should not install it in a concrete or brick wall niche. It will jam the signal of the router, and some Wi-Fi-dependent accessories will not receive their Internet.

BAGNET reminds you that  experts also do not recommend installing a router in the kitchen and in the bedroom. In the first case, it will suffer from negative temperature conditions, in the second – potentially harmful to health.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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