It became known how IDPs to register a child in the 1st grade

It became known how IDPs to register a child in the 1st grade

It has become known how IDPs can arrange a child for 1st grade

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Children who fled the war can be educated in schools located in their temporary residence. To send a child to the first grade, a statement from one of the parents, guardians or other legal representatives is required.

The document can be submitted in person, by e-mail, by fax or in another convenient way, writes


The following documents are attached to the application:

  • copy and original of the child's birth certificate or identity document (if available);
  • < li>an original or a copy of a medical certificate in the form No. 086-1/o.

Also, in martial law, if possible, you must provide one of the documents confirming the status of a refugee or migrant:

  • certificate of registering an internally displaced person;
  • certificate of applying for protection in Ukraine;
  • refugee certificate;
  • certificate of a person in need of additional protection or who has been granted temporary protection.

It is worth noting that if a displaced child does not have a document, proving his identity, he is enrolled in an educational institution without this document.

Earlier, BAGNET reported that due to the war in Ukraine, a number of changes are being introduced in school education. Since September, the Ministry of Education has been recommending the return of children to their desks where the situation allows, but the final word rests with the parents.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga