ISS cameras recorded a strange UFO live

ISS cameras recorded a strange UFO live

Cameras installed on the ISS recorded a strange UFO live. This caused a wave of discussions on the Web and a lot of opinions: from assumptions about aliens to ordinary satellites.

ISS cameras recorded a strange UFO live

Image taken from: –†ixabay
Judging by the frames, an unknown metallic-colored aircraft was moving towards the Earth, and then suddenly disappeared from view and reappeared. Spectators observing the strange object believed that the UFO was heading towards the ISS.

The comments under the video are surprising in their variety. Some users believe that this is a space station, others are confident in the presence of aliens. According to some users, an object of a secret US mission appeared on the footage.

The discussion was not without skeptics. They refuted all fantastic assumptions and stated that space debris or a satellite could be a strange UFO, because there are an incredible number of them in orbit.

Ufologists day and night follow any NASA publications or watch live broadcasts of the ISS in the hope of finding evidence of the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. So far, none of the arguments has been officially confirmed by specialists.

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