Israel strikes at Islamic Jihad in Gaza

Israel strikes at Islamic Jihad in Gaza

Israel strikes Islamic Jihad in Gaza

Photo: Benny Gantz/

Yesterday, August 5, the Israel Defense Forces launched a military operation against the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization. in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Ministry of Defense reports.

It is reported that the Israeli army is currently attacking targets in the Gaza Strip. It is also reported that in the rear within a radius of 80 km from the Gaza Strip, ” ;special situation”. This regime is used to give the authorities greater powers over the civilian population in order to protect them. More details will be provided later.

According to the Palestinian media, the Israeli army is hitting positions in northern Gaza.

The military operation began a few hours after Defense Minister Benny Gantz addressed the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” with a warning that he will take action if the terrorists do not abandon plans for further attacks on Israel.

The terrorist group has threatened attacks since Tuesday, August 2 in retaliation for the arrest of its leader Bassam Saadi in the West Bank.&nbsp ;The actions of the terrorists led to the blocking of roads and the isolation of the Palestinian population in the border areas.

"Our enemies in general and the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad" I say bluntly: “Your time is limited. The threat will be eliminated one way or another, – Gantz said and added that the terrorists took the residents of Gaza hostage, since thousands of Palestinians cannot use the closed Erez checkpoint.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga