Israel recognizes Zoom marriages

Israel recognizes Zoom marriages

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 Zoom marriages recognized in Israel

The District Court of the Central District of Israel issued a precedent decision, according to which the Ministry of Internal Affairs is obliged to register as spouses of persons who have married in foreign countries via zoom, without leaving while the Israeli territory.

Judge Efrat Frank ruled that since the marriage certificate (in this particular case, the state of Utah) is valid, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is obliged to register the marriage, based on earlier rulings of the High Court.

The court ruling emphasizes that it is not up to population registry officials to decide where the marriage ceremony should take place.

A year and a half ago, three Israeli couples got married on Zoom in Utah. They were recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but after that a scandal erupted, and the Minister of Internal Affairs Aryeh Deri ordered to “freeze” a similar process. The next minister, Ayelet Shaked, chose not to “intervene”. The judge sharply criticized the Ministry of Internal Affairs, saying that the actions of officials violate the principle of equality before the law.

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