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Israel is ready to resume negotiations with Hamas on the release of guarantors, – Reuters

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

Israel is ready to resume negotiations with Hamas about the release of guarantors, – Reuters

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Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu informed the President of the United States Joe Biden about the intention to send a delegation to renew negotiations with the Hamas group about the release of the guarantors, that they came to a remote corner, reports Reuters .< /p>

The agency's representative in the Israeli negotiating group reported that there was a real chance of achieving homeownership after the militants worked out a revised proposal with a hundred minds to please.

"Proposition, Hamas is hanging out, taking revenge on an even significant breach,” said anonymously Dzherelo.

Israel's response to the militants' position contrasts sharply with the early outbreaks of the near-nine-thousandth war in the Gaza Strip, which Tel Aviv has since declared its hostility to the minds of terrorists.

An Israeli official stated that the Israeli delegation to negotiations to kill the head of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad.

The White House informed that Biden and Netanyahu, during a telephone conversation, discussed a proposal to oust Hamas from possible minds.

“The President welcomed the Prime Minister's decision to encourage his negotiators to cooperate with American, Qatari and Egyptian intermediaries with the aim of reaching an agreement,” the statement said.

In the telephone conversation, Netanyahu reiterated his position that Israel will stop the war in the Gaza Strip only when all its goals are achieved.

A source in the Israeli negotiating group said, that “there is a genuine agreement with a real chance of being realized.” However, the source did not rule out that there is a real risk of falling victim to “political conflicts.”

On Wednesday, July 3, Israel received a response from Hamas to the peace plan Biden unveiled last month, which calls for the release of about 120 prisoners held in the Gaza Strip and an end to the fire in the Palestinian enclave.

A Palestinian official close to the mediation efforts told Reuters that Hamas had shown reluctance to act points that will allow achieving a framework agreement in the event of its recognition by Israel.

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