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Israel has been hit by rockets for three consecutive days. Foreign Minister proposes to rebuild Gaza Strip

  China News ServiceBeijing, September 13th. Comprehensive news: The Israeli military stated on the 13th that as of that day, the Gaza Strip had fired rockets into Israel for three consecutive days, and the Israeli army launched a retaliatory operation against the Palestinian Islamic Resistance (Hamas). Military objective.

The Israeli military said on the 13th that during the last three days, different numbers of rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel every night, most of which were successfully intercepted by the air defense system. The Israeli army immediately launched retaliatory operations, carrying out multiple air strikes on Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip. So far, neither party has reported casualties.

On the 12th local time, Israeli Foreign Minister Rapide proposed a two-phase plan for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip: the first phase will restore the electricity, medical system and transportation facilities in the Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian National Authority will restore all ports in the region. Control; the second phase of the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects in the Gaza Strip, including the establishment of industrial zones, connecting the area with the West Bank, encouraging overseas investment, etc., and the Palestinian National Authority will regain full control of the Gaza Strip.

Lapid said on the same day that after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, it strictly restricted the movement of people and goods in the area, but did not effectively prevent attacks from the area. The implementation of the “economy-for-security” policy on the Gaza Strip this time “will bring stability to the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.” However, he emphasized that this plan does not represent negotiations with Hamas, which currently controls the Gaza Strip, but will be completed with the participation of the Palestinian National Authority and countries in the region such as Egypt.

Lapid said that the plan has been supported by Israeli Prime Minister Bennett and Israeli Defense Secretary Gantz, and has discussed with U.S. Secretary of State Brinken, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, and relevant persons in Egypt and the European Union.

Recently, the Palestinians have continued to protest against Israel’s strict blockade measures on the Gaza Strip, which has triggered a series of conflicts between the Israeli police and the Palestinians, resulting in a large number of injuries.

On the 8th of this month, the Coordination of Territorial Activities (COGAT) of the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced several new measures for the Gaza Strip, including expanding fishing areas, increasing water supply, and opening new border crossings. The outside world generally believes that this means that Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip has been eased. (over)

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