Israel introduced a tank with artificial intelligence

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Israel presented a tank with artificial intelligence

Illustrative photo from open sources

Israel took place presentation of the new generation Merkava battle tank, which uses artificial intelligence and electronically controlled weapons, writes Xinhua.

"The tank, also known as the Merkava Mark 5, should be put into operation by the end this year and will gradually replace the Merkava Mark 4, which currently forms the basis of Israel's armored forces,” the article says.

It is noted that the new tank is equipped with artificial intelligence systems for image processing and improved surveillance crew.

"The tank will include a combat helmet worn by commanders that will enable them to receive combat data during operational operations, allowing a 360-degree view from outside the tank by moving their head,", – says "Xinhua".

These capabilities should come in handy in the process of targeting targets in live time mode without endangering the crew.

" In addition, the tank is equipped with many touch screens and artificial intelligence sensors for rapid data collection,", – noted agency.

Prepared by: Serhii Daga