ISL Kerala Blasters |  Kerala Blasters aim for title;  We know the Blasters’ schedule for the new season

September 13, 2021 by archyde
Tournament organizers FDFSL have released the schedule for the first 11 rounds of the ISL 2021-22 season. The tournament organizers, FDFSL, have released the match schedule, much to the delight of football fans in India.

The new season will start on November 19 with a match between Kerala Blasters and last time finalists ATK Mohan Bagan. It has been argued that the same match has been played as the inaugural match for the last three seasons, but the organizers have decided that the same match will be the first match of the tournament in the hope that it will add to the excitement of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Blasters fans are eagerly awaiting the matches against Bangalore FC and Chennai FC. The match against Bengaluru will be played on November 28 and the match against Chennai will be played on December 22.

Kerala Blasters’ ISL schedule:

The Kerala Blasters, one of the most popular teams in the ISL, have a lot to prove to their fans this season. The Blasters’ performance over the last few seasons has been disappointing, despite the excellent fan base to support the Blasters. Therefore, the Kerala Blasters are gearing up for the new season of the ISL. Although there has been a slight decline in fan support for the Blasters after a disappointing performance last season, the Blasters are poised to regain it with their performance this season.

The Blasters, who will be under Serbian coach Ivan Vukomanovic in the new season, are coming up with a new line-up. The foreign players who played last season are not with the Blasters this time. The club has found new foreign players to replace them. One of the best signings of the season is the Blasters. Alvaro Vazquez, who played in La Liga, has been brought to the Blasters management yellow jersey. In addition to Vazquez, the Blasters will be joined by Bosnian player Ennes Sipovic, who played for Chennai FC in the ISL last season, Uruguayan Adrian Luna, Argentine Pereira Dias and Bhutanese Ronaldo’s Chencho Gileshan.

They are joined by Indian stars Sahal, Rahul, Jackson Singh, Jessal, Sandeep Singh, Prashant and Abdul Haque.

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